Our Counsellor In Training Program is a volunteer position for youth who have completed grade 10.  Applicants to the CIT program will go through an interview and reference process prior to hiring.  Successful CITs will ideally spend 7 weeks at Valaqua, two of which will be spent in training and then 5 working with campers.  The program begins on July 2 and the program concludes on August 24.  The camp will be in shut down from July 28 to August 5 and all staff are asked to leave the site.  The week runs from Sunday at 2pm until Friday at 8:30pm.  CITs who wish to spend the weekend at Valaqua are permitted to do so with parental consent.  CITs will not be directly supervised on weekends.

The CIT program focuses on leadership and faith development.  CITs are supervised and mentored by our dedicated CIT Director.  Daily training sessions and debriefing as well as ongoing mentoring from the CIT Director and the Counsellors they work with all help the CITs develop a strong faith and skills in leadership and child care.

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